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High Contrast Damascus Steel Sgian Dubh Blade

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These blades consist of two highly contrasting steels; High Carbon 1095 for hardenability and 15N20 which has added Nickel making it brighter than the 1095. These two steels are forged together into multiple layers producing a beautiful, organic pattern which is unique to each blade.
Specially made to our design with no blood-groove to interupt the pattern, these handmade, imported blades are perfect if you are looking for a stunning, distinctly patterned blade.
For additional strength and stability, these blades are curved at the shoulders where the blade meets the tang and are designed to be recessed into the handle slightly.

3.5" blade length which can be sharpened or rounded if required.

If you choose the engraving option above, please give details of the engraving you would like in the 'Comments' box of the checkout process. Max number of characters is normally 12, however please contact us if you would like a longer engraving.

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